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Endometriosis is when the tissue which makes the lining of the womb (uterine lining) is present on other organs inside your body. Endometriosis is generally found in the pelvis or lower abdomen but it can also appear anywhere in the body. Women suffering from endometriosis generally suffer from lower abdominal pain, pain with sexual intercourse, pain with periods and may get problem while getting pregnant. On the other hand few women may not experience any symptoms at all. 3% to 10% of reproductive aged women are generally affected by endometriosis. Endometriosis can be properly diagnosed by doing laparoscopy where doctors look through belly button in the abdomen with a camera. Endometriosis rarely starts in girls before they start their menses. Once the diagnosis is done the doctor would recommend the next course of action which includes administering ultram(Tramadol). Buy Tramadol Online without any Prescription to fight pain due to endometriosis.


Laparoscopy: A surgeon may perform laparoscopy which is a procedure that allows viewing inside the abdomen while you are under anesthesia. This method allows knowing about the size and extent of endometrial implants which helps to determine best treatment options. Your surgeon may take a sample of tissue for biopsy.

Buy Tramadol Online without any Prescription

Pelvic Exam: During this exam your doctor mainly palpates areas in your pelvis for abnormalities such as cysts or scars.
Ultrasound: This exam uses high frequency sound waves to create images of inside of your body. To capture the image a device known as transducer is pressed against your abdomen or inserted inside your vagina. Both the type of ultrasound is done to get proper view of the reproductive organ. This technique helps you to identify cysts linked to endometriosis.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): This test usually uses radio waves to generate detailed images of the tissue and organs inside the body. For some women MRI also helps in surgical planning giving the information about the location and size of endometrial implants.
Tramadol is a powerful analgesic opioid drug which is used to treat moderate to severe pain. This pill attaches to opioid receptors thereby reducing the ability of human body to experience pain. The mannerism in which it works is similar to morphine. Women are advised to follow strict dosage guideline to reduce the pain when endometriosis has been diagnosed. Tramadol 100mg plays an important role in suppressing menstrual and endometriosis pain. If the medicine is taken properly under strict medical care women can fight out pain due to endometriosis in a better way.

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